Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen


So, with all the recent happenings at Casa de Skatemom, I have come to a startling realization that we aren't in control of how much time we have on this earth. Fatalistic? Maybe. But being the "cup is half-full" type of gal I am (the kind that I'm sure makes my pessimist hubby half-full of crazy most days), I am taking this realization and instead of hiding under the table, I am making a list. A list of places I'd love to take my kids before they fly away to their own little lives. And I intend to make that list of dreams actionable (yeah, I hate that corporate-speak, too, but it seems to fit here) by setting a plan, a schedule, a way To Make It Happen. For now, though, I'm just working on getting the list together (in alphabetical order). Suggestions and commentary are welcome!

1. Alaska - catch a salmon to grill on a cedar plank
2. Arizona/Utah - camping/cycling
3. Aspen - winter skiing redux, with less anxiety and more fun
4. Boston - Fenway Park & American history tour
5. Carolinas/Outer Banks - family beach week
6. Cozumel - diving/snorkeling/margaritas
7. Destin - family beach week
8. Grand Canyon - rafting and hiking and being Brady
9. New York City/upstate - new NY ballparks and Hall of Fame
10. Orlando - theme parks redux
11. San Diego - visiting the zoo and the Bat
12. Spain - tapas and tilting at windmills!
13. Washington, DC/Williamsburg, VA - museum/history tour

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