Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A week to go

So, it appears that I have one week to go in this little self-challenge I set out for myself. In re-reading my archives, I discovered that the last time I tried to do this was in October, and the house thing was what derailed me, and I never got quite back into the swing of things. Luckily, I was deep into marathon training by then, so I had an overall plan to keep me accountable. But I just could never get back to the daily activity thing once I broke the streak. So it's a good thing when I can keep it up.

So now I'm trying to think of what other challenges I can put myself up to for July. July will be tough, since we have a short little family trip scheduled over the Fourth weekend. We won't have a chance to come back up to the mountains like I'd wanted to, even though I will be working in Boulder through August, so I decided we had to do something to get out of town so we don't kill each other. So we're taking a jaunt down to the Austin area, to take the kids to some of the old reliable attractions that we surprisingly never got a chance to do while we were students and lived down there. We're going to the Round Rock Express baseball game on Thursday, then will spend Friday in Austin at Barton Springs and then down at the Congress Ave. bridge watching the bats at dusk. Should be pretty cool. On Saturday we're going to head to the Natural Bridge Caverns and the safari next door down in the New Braunfels area, and then try to spend some time Sunday either tubing on the Guadalupe or at Schlitterbahn. We're playing it loose and free, and are only scheduling a couple of things each day. Mostly, we just want to spend some time together as a family, without me being gone, and without all the distractions and running around that we usually do. It won't be a big summer vacation like we had last year, but it will hopefully be fun nonetheless. Gotta use those hotel points somehow!

Anyway, if you have any ideas for streaks for July and August, let me know. I'm game for almost anything that will get me stronger, faster, leaner and more studly!

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Marissa said...

good thing you're going to barton springs because they are about to rip out a few of the huge trees. something about a fear of them falling one day....ONE DAY. Not tomorrow, not next week, one day.