Monday, November 06, 2006

um, about that post the other day....

I totally, completely, absolutely mean it. :)

The beginnings of the plan are in place. Among the action items to be completed between now and White Rock:

  • call the local swim school regarding coaching availability/rates -- I'd already planned to have them give Elder Child an assessment, so I'll go along for the ride
  • call the medical school's nutrition/weight control center for a meeting with a dietary specialist -- I've already got a referral from my endocrinologist
  • call the local bike shop for information on their clinics for bike maintenance and a beginner ride group. I'll probably not be able to join the rides until after the marathon, but at least I'll have the info handy
  • check the calendar, if available, for summer 2007 sprints in the area. I know there are a few to choose from. I know there is a Danskin in Austin, too, so that might be a good one to make a debut at, since they specialize in first-timers.

So, yeah, I was serious as a heart attack about it. The decision is made. The gears are in motion. Tick-tock.

Tomorrow, a 4-miler as I build up mileage again for White Rock. Time for bed now, even if Da Ali G show is on.


Downhillnut said...

Alrighty then, let the nitty gritty planning BEGIN!

As motivated as I have been by our buddies doing IMF, I think I'll just live vicariously through them and you a little longer.

I'm not sure I'll ever attempt an Ironman. I'll have to try a tri eventually, but the *I* word is pretty iffy. Mind you, I there was a time when I never thought I would call myself a "marathoner" either ... :)

Diane said...

I TOTALLY know you will do it. You are amazing - you always accomplish what you set your mind too.

You are already an IronWoman to me!!! You've always been.


Silly Old Bear said...

Woot!!! Can't wait. This'll be good...