Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey Trot Report

So, I didn't break 1:00. But I did string together some nice times on the 6+ miles, and ran harder and faster than I ever have in my life. And I feel very happy about it, even though I fell short of my unspoken deep-down goal.

I did PR, by about 2 1/2 minutes, and considering I've been doing very little speedwork (as in none, ever!), I was pleased. Plus, when I said yesterday that "The Trot is always fun, and the 10K course is not terribly difficult," that would be a big fat lie. There were hills and hills, and more hills. It seems like the hills have been my bane this fall, but I am proud to report that I didn't walk once, not even on the uphills, and there were several times where I reeled someone in front of me in slowly, passing them at the top of the hill. I slowed down only for the water stops at miles 2, 4 and 5, and then only enough to get the water into me instead of onto me.

The weather was typical for Texas, which translates into HOT. I wore a long-sleeved tech shirt over a tank top and my running skirt, and that ended up being a good choice. I wore the race tee while I watched the first 5K runners come into the chutes, and I needed it then, even though the sun was high enough by then to warm us up nicely. The men's winner came in at 14:45 -- wow -- and wasn't followed by second place for a good two minutes afterward. Lots of fun to watch the fast folks -- I never get to see them!

But after about 35 minutes, I walked back to the car to dump the race shirt and find the start line. I'd run this route before, so I knew we started at a different location than the 5K, and I timed it nicely so that I only had a few minutes in the crowd before we started off. My first half-mile pace was about 10:35, since the crowd was so thick and it was hard to get clear space in front. I had dodged a girl in front of me by cutting left, only to have to cut right again to avoid running head-on into a truck parked on the street. I was able to speed up to get my goal pace by the first mile marker. By then, the hills were coming fast and furious, and by the time we passed the second mile marker, I had already stripped off the tech shirt and wrapped it around my waist.

The third and fourth miles were a bit tougher, with the fourth mile really being a roller coaster of a route, with severe downhills followed immediately by some steep uphills. The crowd support was nice, with folks sitting in lawn chairs on the curb, and one little girl in particular sitting in a tree yelling "Happy Thanksgiving!" to everyone. I stayed pretty consistent throughout despite the hills, and my splits showed it, with all but one mile under 10:00. I considered skipping the last water stop and just cranking it up to the end, but figured that I best take in a bit of hydration, considering I wasn't carrying my own today.

I passed the 6 mile marker at a bit under 1 hour, so I was thrilled, but I also knew I had the last .2 of a mile and I wasn't going to cover that in the time I had left. Still, I knew I'd PR. As soon as I crossed Camp Bowie and had the chutes in my sight, I cranked it with all I had left. Which wasn't much. But, still. I crossed in 1:02:35. Immediately, I felt this huge bubble of air come up my throat, and I was certain I was going to lose it. But instead, it was just this huge burp. Now, you have to know that I don't burp. Ever. I just am not wired like that -- it grosses me out and feels one degree removed from puking. So I never do anything that's going to make me burp, including drinking carbonated anything, alcohol, overeating, or gulping anything. But apparently, I'd been swallowing air with my last half-mile's worth of breaths, and it was pressuring my stomach, and BRAAAPP. Ugh. It hurt and it was awful, but once I did it, and I knew I wasn't going to actually puke, it was OK. And then a second bubble came up a few moments later. Blick. By then, I made my way to the chip-rippers, and then I was good to go. The tables filled with Ozarka bottles were empty, and a little Gatorade cooler was in its place -- bah! But I made my way over to the tents, grabbed a cookie or two and an orange slice (I passed on the green bananas, as apparently did every other runner, there were so many left), and then a volunteer shoved a case of yogurt in my hands. Wha? Yep, 4 6-packs (or 6 4-packs, I can't remember) of Dannon Crave Control yogurt came home with me. I saw some folks carrying two cases. It was pretty good stuff -- Dread Pirate DinoBoy ate one immediately when I got home and I had one for a quick snack. I hope someone likes it, since we have a ton. :)

So, that was the run. Like I said, I'm happy with it. Leaves some room for improvement, but was still a PR. I felt like I left it all out there, and I didn't let the hills get to me.

We had a great dinner at MIL's, and then the boys played football outside before we watched the Cowboys win. And now we're home watching Survivor. A quite bit to be thankful for, if you ask me!

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barbara said...

hey there - congrats on the PR!! Happy Thanksgiving a coupla days late. Hope you have wonderful holidays.