Thursday, November 09, 2006

some progress...

I called the nutritionist and set an appointment with her. first available is December 12th, I think, which is after White Rock, but that's OK. Just by being more conscientious (for real, for once) about what I've been putting in my mouth I'm down 4 pounds since the end of October. yea me.

I ran 6 miles last night while Elder Child was at band practice. It was hot again (mid 70s, but felt muggier because of the humidity), and in the neighborhood where I ran, there were hills. Hmm, sound familiar? Not really, because I ATE those hills for dinner. And wanted seconds. I ran 10K even in about 1:06 -- not blazing, but I kept a decent-for-me, steady pace. And I enjoyed my run. I've misplaced the iPod since the marathon (I think it may still be clipped to my beltpack, but where that's hiding I've not a clue), so I ran without music, without distraction. Just me and my breathing and my footsteps crunching the leaves and the acorns. And I enjoyed it like I haven't enjoyed a run in a while. It was hard work, going up those hills, but instead of retreating from them, I embraced them, I relished them, and I celebrated being able to run up them.

Nothing yet today -- I will probably do my 4 scheduled miles tomorrow evening after work. It will be a nice way to cap the week. Give me a little "unwind" time at the end of a crazy workweek.

In other news, we're pulling Elder Child from private school tomorrow. More instances of lying about finished homework, and grades in the mid-60s when he gets straight As without trying. But apparently, a few zeroes from missing assignments drag down the average. We're done fighting with it. If he's going to pull that bullsh!t, he can pull it for free at the public school. He's also lost all the Legos and Star Wars crap in his room -- his shelves are now free of everything but books. He didn't believe us when we said we were done fighting him on it. I think he believes us now.

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Karen in Calgary said...

You mean BUSINESS. As a parent and as an athlete. You set boundaries for your kids and consequences for crossing them. You set goals for yourself and take steps to achieve them.

If that doesn't show integrity and guts, I don't know what does.

Hang in there with the school-transfer. He - and you - will survive and thrive.