Saturday, November 11, 2006

oh, hell...

see, that's what I get for running my mouth over in the comments at Bear's. My 'Horns are in dire straits without their main man Colt. I'm hoping he's not seriously injured -- 'twould be a shame to end the season for him this way. That's more critical than the outcome of the game, for sure. Still, I'd hate to end a nearly 2-year winning streak with a lose to K State. Oy.

Gotta go -- I'll be doing the long run around White Rock Lake tomorrow mid-day. I hate that dang lake -- usually I start to despise everything about it 'round mile 16 or so. I figure I'll get a bit more familiar with the it by doing my 13-miler there in advance of the race.

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Silly Old Bear said...

Notice that I did NOT come over here and say anything. At all.

I hope he's doing better, I'm not following the news but I hate to see anyone get hurt.

And I wanna know who decided he should try and run it in on the first series of the game. Isn't that why we have running backs? And receivers?