Friday, September 09, 2011

Friday Five: The "Not Really Scheduled Yet" Edition

for your Friday enjoyment, here are Five Ten Races that Are NOT on my 2012 calendar... if only because the 2012 calendar is not yet officially being planned. The company line is that we aren't looking past Wild Hare and NYD/NYE Double at this moment (lies!! all LIES!). But once I decide that I am ready to start planning 2012 races, these are IN, baby!

  1. Banderawesome. Because I loved the experience. 25k because I'm not stupid enough to do it again! 
  2. Texas Half. I did the hardest of the Mellew Four-Seasons Challenge, and once I do the Tyler Half next month I will be halfway there. This replaces Benbrook. I have no love lost for One Nice Hill at Benbrook and have no need/desire to run out there again.
  3. Rocky Raccoon 50 miler. This should be my second 50-miler, assuming all goes well at Wild Hare in November. It is supposed to be a great course, so I am excited for it. Plus, I hear there will be a few frunners out there going for their first 50 milers! 
  4. Hot Chocolate Run. There is a jacket in the goodie bag. There is chocolate at the end. 'nuf said. 
  5. Cowtown. I WILL have a good race on this course. Distance TBD. Might need to just have fun on the half course depending on how much my legs hate me after Rocky. But I need the stupid medal for the stupid star (and by "stupid" I mean awesome!). 
  6. Grasslands. People said "Never again!" People said "Hell no, I won't go." I don't think I ever really said I wouldn't... Maybe just the half? I really like the horseshoes!! 
  7. Texas Independence Relay. They changed the dates on us. They changed the start on us. I had said I was out... stay tuned... 
  8. Hells Yeah Hills. Who knows what the area around Bastrop will look like after all the devastating fires there the last few weeks. But I want to go back. This was such a great experience. I wouldn't miss it for the world. NINE MILES!
  9. Big D Half - This would be the last of the 4 Seasons. This was also one of my first half marathons back in the day, so I have a special place for it in my heart. Also, horseshoes!! 
  10. Oklahoma City Marathon. Like with Cowtown, I am determined to have a good showing at this race. It's a wonderful course (Gorilla Hill & that relay exchange at mile 8-9) notwithstanding, with great support and lots of local enthusiasm. But, me & my girls have some business to take care of at Mile 23

So.  there's what I would be planning on doing in 2012 if I were planning my 2012 calendar. Which I'm not. What's on your calendar?

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RR 50 miler !!! Woo Hoo! I like what you would be doing in 2012 if you were planning for 2012, but since you aren't planning for 2012 I won't not say that I can't wait for RR!!!!