Monday, May 02, 2011

Run to Remember, Top Ten Moments

Here are the Top Ten moments from this weekend's OKC road trip. Full report to come later but if I don't get these down now, they will be lost to the ages and we just can't have that!!

10. Marci saying, "I don't want that - it's wet!" at mile 20. Um, EVERYTHING was wet!!
9.  Discussing exactly what kind of handgun will fit into a fitness belt.
8.  Taking a white stretch limo four blocks to the Twitter meet-up.
7.  Everyone taking turns getting foam rolled/tortured by Megan.
6.  "You can show it, just don't say it!"
5.  Discussing the prizes found in breakfast cereal...
4.  Three times you can bite me!!
3.  Driving around trying to find Megan after her aborted run around Lake Hefner because the wind literally blew her away (OK, not really, but close enough!).
2.  Sitting under an awning, wearing garbage bags, watching lightning displays and rain drench downtown OKC, while we Google marathon calendars to find an alternate May race in case we got cancelled.
1.  Sharing our victories and disappointments, supporting each other, and making memories to last a lifetime. The Oklahoma City Marathon 2011 was certainly a Run to Remember!


Anonymous said...

I don't know whether I should cry or laugh or both. What an amazing weekend. I can't wait to show Jason his Top Ten moment lol. I love you Mama C with all my heart!

Michelle K said...

What a great teaser! I can't wait for the full report!

ERIN C. said...

All I know, is if I start singing that song while I'm running ... Can't wait for the full report!