Sunday, January 09, 2011


Top 10 Moments from this Weekend's Banderawesome Road Trip, in which I became an Ultramarathoner:

10. "That's a stupid place to put a curb...."
9. Needing a jump start because a dome light was accidentally left on for 11 hours.
8. Sarah & I discussing how the downpour must be awful for Jeremy, still running at 11:30: "It's not that bad, really."  Lightning flash... 
7. Julie sending out an APB because we weren't in yet & it was dark.
6. Eating pancakes & drinking beer at the Last Chance aid station, 1/2 mile from the finish.
5. "There were rocks. And rocks on top of rocks. And monkeys throwing rocks."
4. Running Angel lending us a headlamp two minutes before dark.
3. "Have you run in those before?"
2. "That's what the baby wipes are for!!"
1. Becoming an ultramarathoner. 

Full race report, with many, many pics, to come. After a nap and LONG hot bath. Or a bath and LONG nap. 

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Kim said...

Excellent. Ready to read your report. Congrats on your finish!