Friday, June 03, 2011

Friday Five: Summertime Edition

Happy Friday, folks! It's the last day of school for the boys, so that means it's time to get our summer on!! Lots of camps & activities planned to keep them busy and out of trouble, plus we have a Disney trip to look forward to in July. Yay.  I know I've neglected the blog for a while - maybe I will step it up during the summer.... ha, yeah, don't hold your breath!!  Without further delay, here's your Friday Five!!

  1. Yeah, I know, the last part of the OKC marathon report is still not done. I'm working on it. It is slow going. There's a lot to say. Soon. Maybe. Probably. I hope. 
  2. I pulled the Minneapolis Marathon off my schedule. I should be leaving tomorrow morning to run it on Sunday. But I decided midway through a hideous run on Tuesday that I didn't want to do it. Not that I couldn't do it, just that I didn't want to. I wasn't mentally prepared for the pain that I know comes with 26.2 miles. Especially when I've had so many missed runs this month, dealing with work and with my parents health issues and my own body revolting against me. Are these excuses? Maybe. Do I care? Not really. I know it's the right choice. 
  3. Confirming that this was the right call?  An amazing outpouring of support from friends, runners and non-runners alike, that ranged from "smart call" to "thank goodness, we were about to stage an intervention." I have great people in my life and I know that they back me regardless of the number of miles I run and the number of stars I have on my Marathon Maniacs page. 
  4. I have huge bruises on both knees from running trails. Twice in a row I've gone down hard. Doesn't make me want to stop running trails, not at all! But I many need a summer wardrobe of capris instead of shorts - hubby is kinda embarrassed to be seen in public with my scabby banged up legs!!
  5. I do not have an active training plan going on right now. I am trying to get over the guilt in not running every day. Or every other day even. I won't have a plan to follow until mid-July. And that's OK. I know it is. I just have to convince myself of it. 

Beer & Bagels crew last weekend at MADD Northshore

Loving the trails. 

Freeze your camelback, get hydration & first aid all at once!


Milano Running Mom said...

You have earned a rest period. Don't beat yourself up. It's all good.

iJuls said...

Like she said. It's all good. Rest up.