Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Five:The Lost at Sea Edition

  1. I didn't think I would feel so adrift without a training plan. But I do, even though I know that I am tired mentally and physically and that my body is craving rest. I know that when I come back from the surgery that I will have a tough schedule and will need to super-step-up to the miles and the cross-training and the swimming (OMG, the swimming! eeep!) and oh, yeah, the bicycle thing. Maybe I could find a bicycle soon. And I know I've needed this break, because I go to bed by ten, fall asleep nearly immediately and at 6:45 I am still struggling to get out of bed, I'm that tired. I'm jealous of all the Twitterati that post their 5:00 AM runs, and their early-morning rides and I want to be doing that. But I don't have a purpose for it now. So I don't do it. I stay in bed until the last moment possible before I have to start my day, trying not to feel guilty for resting. It's not working. But at the same time, I don't have the motivation or the desire to go out and run right now either. So. yeah... 
  2. Meanwhile, to fill time I am hanging out as much as they will tolerate with the boys. I've gone on scout cleanups, watched hockey games, gone to the movies (Pirates 4 - meh,  Kung Fu Panda 2 - has its moments, Hangover 2 & Bridesmaids - AWESOME - those were dates, btw, we did NOT take the boys!) and just parked on the couch watching them play wii golf. It's kind of nice, these moments that usually happen when I'm out running. I think they're kind of getting over me being around, though. Hub has even asked me a couple of times when I'm going to go run again. It unnerves them that I'm not running almost as it unnerves me. 
  3. I"m trying really hard to control my eating now that my physical activity has slowed way down, and having moderate levels of success (or immoderate levels of failure, I guess, if you want to look at it that way... I choose to be positive) with that. My biggest challenge has been making it through mid-morning without wanting second breakfast instead of a snack, so I've reverted to the tried & true Kashi-greek yogurt-blueberries combo that fueled much of last summer. It's tasty and filling. I'd go with oatmeal too, but it's so dang hot that isn't appealing to me right now. 
  4. Thanks to everyone for your feedback on the final OKC race report. I realized after I published it that I severely underplayed the importance of our cheerleader Megan in the whole weekend. She not only kept us knot-free with the foam rolling before the race, but she really was there for us all and having her around in the final miles was really important for me and Fiona. I needed to make that clear, because although she didn't run the race with us, she and Bojana were both very much a part of the team that weekend. Thanks, mama!!
  5. Even though I'm not following a formal plan with any prescribed miles right now, I am thrilled that I am still in good enough running form to hit the road, trail or lake on any given weekend and run with friends. I did that last weekend to help Libby celebrate her birthday in true runner style, and this weekend, the WRL Girls are having a mini-reunion with a nice loop plus some. We're starting at a ridiculously early time, but that must means more time for pancakes after! WOOT!

Trash pick-up at River Legacy w Cub Scouts

Super cheerleader Megan rocking it out!! 's okay, nobody's watching... 

Running It Out, Birthday style with Libby!! 

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