Monday, April 04, 2011

Teaser Trailer - Hells Yeah HIlls Top 10 Things

Full report to come soon. Meanwhile, the Top 10 Moments from this Weekend:

  1. Successfully cramming 2 coolers, 4 camp chairs, 4 bags, 2 cases of water & snacks in the back of the EBV (Electric Blue Vibe) after boasting that I am a champion car-packer. Whew - didn't have to eat my words!
  2. Trying to explain why I can't eat a sandwich once it's been in a plastic sandwich bag but I can eat a sandwich made with bread that's been in a sandwich bag. 
  3. Hiding the computer from the "dirty bastard thieves" in Bastrop. 
  4. The 180-degree difference in how we ordered food on Friday night pre-race to how we ordered food on Saturday night post-race. 
  6. Seeing all our friends cheering us on at the finish line!
  7. Joining all our friends cheering the 50-milers at the finish line. 
  8. "The Grind, the Wall, your tent, the finish..."
  9. "NINE MILES!"
  10. Crossing the finish line with new ultra runner Julie. She rocked it!!


gene @boutdrz said...

this is so cool. i am looking at doing an ultra this fall. hmmmm...50miles or 50k. haven't decided...
love #2....i am quirky like that, too.....

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Loved reading of your experience at HH. It was my first 50K trail run. Loved it! Can't wait for part 2 of your blog.

Brian Cravens