Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Five, the OKC Edition

  1. I am distracted going into this race. It's not an excuse. It's just that I've been reminded there's more important things in life than racing, or the number on the clock when you finish. But these same things have reminded me that I cannot, will not, ever stop running and being active. I won't. There's too much at stake. 
  2. I need to do laundry. And pack. Instead I'm blogging at 3:00 AM. Priorities, people, priorities.
  3. The shirts for the gang for OKC? Mostly Awesome. With a side of Amazing. Many, many, many thanks to Fawn and her great hubby Jack for the design and helping with the logistics. You will love them when you see the pics of us at the start. 
  4. People are making me race this thing, which means no carrying the camera. What? I am the official photographer of all running events in which I participate. For reals. Somebody joked during Beer & Bagels the other day that if I quit taking pictures my finish times would be an hour faster!! That's not too far off, I bet!! I love taking pics. But I am actually racing on Sunday with a goal time and schtuff. So I'll give the camera to either one of our cheerleaders or to Sherpa Jason, Mel's hubby. And if they don't take adequate pics, I'll come after them. Proper documentation is required for all group runs and races. No pics, it didn't happen!! 
  5. As I tucked in the Dread Pirate Monkey Boy, aka Thing 2 last night, I told him I would be gone by the time he came home from school today, but that Dad would pick him up, then he'd go to Grandpa's per usual on Friday night, and I'd be home after the race Sunday afternoon. And he said, "And you'll bring us home another medal, right?"  The boy loves him some hardware! 

Good luck to everyone racing OKC Memorial, Flying Pig, Heels & Hills Half and whatever else is going on this weekend. Be fast, be fleet, have fun!  And, um, TAKE PICTURES!!

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