Friday, April 01, 2011

Friday Five - The Not a One-Hit Wonder Edition

  1. So, I have this little race tomorrow. 50K. Yeah, another ULTRA. Baby ultra, as far as ultras go - nowhere near ready to tackle the 50 mile or 100 mile distance yet. Yet. But, still. When I cross the finish line, I will go from being the Falco of the running world to a bonafide "hey, look, she did it again, it wasn't a fluke" ultra runner. A Tommy Tutone two-hit wonder at worst. ha! (try not to hum 867-5309 for the rest of the day now, I dare you!). 
  2. Making tomorrow's race even cooler? My trail buddies Julie and Greg are doing their first 50K! Greg is crazy-stupid-fast so he's going to be sucking down his third or fourth beer by the time I get done, but Julie & I are going to be joined at the hip tomorrow, and I hope to repay some of that awesomeness that Sarah gave me during my first race to Julie. Bringing in a new ultra runner into the world and all that!! And, she won't have to send an APB out for us, because she'll be right by us the whole time!!And there best be BUNNIES and PRETTY FLOWERS out there instead of big ugly rocks or sandpits of hell like at Sandlands
  3. Oh, but wait! there's more!! Sarah, who is the reason I ever wandered onto trails in the first place? She's going to be there too! And she may have dropped down to the 50K so she's going to be hanging with me & Julie too! We're shooting for something a little less than 11 hours this time!! But we are bringing our headlamps. Just in case... 
  4. I should really start packing. Peeps will be here to load up the EBV and hit the road in about four hours. But I might have to do laundry first. And I have a couple of things to finish up for work, even though I took a vacation day today. Which is why it makes perfect sense for me to be blogging instead of working or packing. 
  5. My toenails have thus far survived Bandera, Cowtown & Sandlands, but one of them was bruised slightly by a revolving door on my trip to Denver. How crazy is that? 

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