Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

  1. Geez, louise, it's cold again! What the heck? I live in Texas for a reason, people! What is this forecast of lows in the 20s? Make it stop!! 
  2. My eyes are currently rebelling against my contacts. Probably because I am WAYYY overdue for a new pair. So meanwhile I am wearing a pair of glasses from three years ago. Because the 2010 glasses (thank you, awesome eye coverage that allows me to get new glasses & new contacts every year) are AWOL and the 2009 pair are broken. So I look kind of like a librarian now with these blue squarish frames. I don't know what I was thinking when I picked these out. 
  3. It very much sucks to run in cold misty weather with librarian glasses on. But I have no choice, lest I fall right off the sidewalk because I can't see my feet when I run without vision correction. True story. 
  4. I started both 200 situps and 100 pushup programs again this week. Except I'm doing more of a Pilates roll-up than just a little ol' crunch. 'cause I figure I may as well go all out after months, nay, YEARS of doing nothing, right? And except I'm doing the push-ups on my knees, girly-style, because, well, have you seen my arms? It's not good. Like, the iPod laughed at me when I put in my Initial Test number not good. I'm not even going to say what the Initial Test results were here. (OK, it was 2. TWO!!). 
  5. I am sore in places I didn't know existed because of the damn pushups and situps. THIS is why I am squishy, because doing pushups and situps when you are squishy? Kinda sucks. Bah. 
  6. I have my race schedule planned out for the next five months. I am trying really hard to stick with it, but I keep finding things I want to do. Like this: Tell me that doesn't sound like fun. 5 miles. On a trail. With PANCAKES at the end. Cold-weather swag. I'm there. Oh, so there!! 
  7. I slacked on my water drinking after NYC and after the gall-bladder surgery. I have made a focused effort to get back into drinking my full 4 liters of water a day. But, that causes general interruptions in my day about, oh, all the time, from having to unhydrate. It's kinda sorta a pain in the butt. 
  8. Have I talked about the Texas Independence Relay yet?  Because I'm doing it (note to self - send team captain a check... ) and am so excited I can hardly contain myself. It will be my reward to me after Cowtown. 
  9. Cowtown. Oh, yeah. 38 days. Gulp. 
  10. There is a new charm on what started off as a simple charm bracelet but has become my race bracelet, with some other "me" stuff on it. It's a cactus. Not a sotol plant, with the little barbs on it, just a regular cactus. It's still fairly cool. I am still very glad I didn't face-plant into either cactus or sotol out at #Banderawesome. 
  11. My eldest child is going to start driving soon. This has nothing to do with running and everything to do with how my life will change once that starts up. I am excited for it and terrified all at the same time. Right now the plan is for him to inherit the EBV and I get a new car - I can endorse that plan. If that works out, though, the Ultra, 26.2, USAT & El Scorcho stickers will have to come off the back bumper of the EBV. That boy didn't earn those - Mama did!! 
  12. Dread Pirate Dino-Boy (aka Thing 2) has his first gymnastics meet this weekend. When I last asked him about it, he was torn between being very stoked and happy for the chance to show his skills in all the events and being slightly mortified that something might go terribly wrong. Sounds about right and very similar to pre-race anxiety. 
  13. I am in midst of a mind-dump about weight and body image and all sorts of those things. I'm not sure if it will ever be ready for prime time. I vacillate between how I feel about it several times a day, so it's tough to pull my thoughts together. If I ever get that post to be a little more cohesive, I will share. Then again, when is anything on this site ever cohesive? 

Make it a great day, everyone! Thanks for stopping by!!

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