Friday, January 07, 2011

Friday Five

Crunched for time, so this will be fast.

  1. I owe you 2011 goals. Not that you care, but if I don't put them out there onto the intertubz, it is less likely that they will become reality. Hell, you see what happens even when I do put them out there, so... yeah. Coming up in next few days. 
  2. I haven't run but once this week. Kinda taking this taper thing to the extreme... 
  3. I may have had a major mental meltdown yesterday related to 1) race anxiety 2) work anxiety 3) interpersonal anxiety 4) all of the above. I also may have self-medicated by eating most of a Taco Bueno tamale platter... That didn't go well and I will be sure that doesn't happen again. 
  4. In about four hours, two of the coolest bad-asses I know will be at my house so we can hit the road to my first ultramarathon, the Bandera 50K, where we're meeting up with some other bad-asses to Run It Out, Texas-Hill-Country style. Possibly in the rain. Squeeeee!!! 
  5. This seems to be a recurring theme around here lately, but it's only because my appreciation for him grows with every day and every crisis and every meltdown and it is the dead-level truth: my husband rocks my world. I could not ask for a more supportive and loving man to share my world. Even when he is scared for me ("please don't get hurt out there" may have been the last words he said when he left this morning) he truly is my biggest fan. I am a lucky girl. 

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Lesley @ said...

I cannot WAIT to hear about this race. You will rock it, girl!