Thursday, September 09, 2010

Quick Thought

A friend of mine is prepping for his second marathon this fall, and had expressed frustration on Facebook at having a bad 14-mile attempt after a couple of weeks of life interfered with his training. I jumped in and asked him if he had been able to get that run back, and asked about his training in general. He asked about mine, and the response I poured out to him was so quick off my brain yet so completely indicative of how I am feeling about my current state that I wanted to capture it here, and not have it lost to the clutter of our FB pages.
My training is awesome so far! I'm having a blast with trail running, trying to run with as many different people as possible and just cranking out miles left and right. So glad the weather is finally cooler - I am OVER the high temps and now feel like it's really fun to run again. I have a crazy number of races where I'm pacing folks or just having fun in the next few months and I'm loving every bit of it! 

I've had challenges keeping up with this blog during the height of this training cycle - cranking out 40 mpw will do that to you, I guess.  But the feeling in that short response above is exactly why I wanted to document my journey to NYCM here - I want to remember later, when it's harder or I'm injured, or just not having a good time with running, what it feels like when it's going well. And right now, despite some minor changes in plans that have had to happen  to accommodate some things here and there, things are going well.  and for that, I am really, really grateful. And even though we're still two months out from the big day, I feel like I'm getting as ready as I can be, and I'm excited for not only November 8, but for the ability to run and to share my passion with so many friends on a daily basis.

Carry on!

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