Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Year To Date Totals & Rewards

OK, so the month of June is a base-re-building month for me so that I can start to prepare for NYC, after mostly taking off May to recoup physically and mentally from Oklahoma City. There's been a lot going on in my brain this month, too, and it's been hard to capsulize it in any kind of blogging entries in a way that I feel comfortable with. There's only so much that I really want to share with the blogosphere, especially since between Twitter, Daily Mile and Facebook, so much of my interweb life and my real life are becoming intertwined and overlapped. So that is something I have to be very aware of as I verbally vent on this site and elsewhere. But, I also do love having my thoughts and ideas documented here on Suburbia South, as it has always been really helpful to come back to later and help me remember all the things that I thought were important to me at the time. So I do want to blog more. Not sure that I'll necessarily make it a daily occurrence (like the run streak I'm about to start for June..yeah, I'm doing it again. I'm an idiot, I know. I do this to myself about twice a year. This time, it's going to to be great, though! I promise!!) but I know I want to track more of my thoughts here, so maybe I'll have more deep pensive posts here. Probably not, but a girl can dream, right?

What I really wanted to do to kick off this month, though, is to recap the first five months of the year, with some hard numbers and a few stream-of-consciousness thoughts.  So, here we go:

FY Miles to Date:  472.5
Lifetime Miles to Date:  5369
Highest Weekly Mileage:  45
Average Weekly Mileage:  18.3
Average Monthly Mileage:  79
Progress toward Goal: -27.2
Low Mileage: March & May with 71
Highest Mileage: January with 128

  • doesn't surprise me that March and May were so low mileage, since I basically took the first week of each off after Cowtown and Oklahoma City
  • Kinda hoping that I would have hit 500 miles by now. I might have, had I not pretty much taken those rest weeks. I'll get there by the end of this week. 
  • I barely hit 60% of my scheduled workouts leading up to Cowtown and OKC mileage-wise.  I was running the number of days I should have been, just not doing the full distances I should have been. Could 'splain a lot... 
  • My two highest weeks included my 20-mile prep runs before each race, so that makes sense
  • When I look at my weight relative to the distance I put in, it's lower when I don't clock the long miles. Somebody explain that to me, please. Post-run gorging? "I just worked out so I can eat" entitlement? I'm at a loss to understand. 
All those numbers and such are fun to analyze, but I have to say that the most rewarding part of the first five months of 2010 for me running-wise has been the creation and growth of our Red Light Runner group. What started as me pacing one friend to his first 5K in January has grown to a regular Wednesday night social run (soon to be expanded to Sunday mornings, too), to more than 20 people finishing different 5K and 10K runs/walks around DFW. We've got a Facebook group, a team logo and will soon have shirts made (technical shirts, of course!!). We've been able to expand our group every month and get lots of our friends and families excited about running, walking and living a healthy lifestyle. So even if I haven't hit 500 miles for the year yet, I still have a lot to happy about so far in 2010!

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