Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eeep! Hard to Write about Running...

when you haven't been doing much of it!  We had a great and wonderful hockey trip to Colorado that thoroughly derailed all training.  I did manage to eke out at least 2.5 miles each day, except for Monday, which had the perfect storm of insomnia, packing the hotel after four days, a somewhat early hockey game (they WON!  Third place in their division!) and 10.5 hour drive home.  That day, I counted myself lucky to get out of the state in one piece.  I also had a nasty sinus flareup over the weekend, triggered by a combination of the dry air up there and new allergens. So, net-net (oh, gawd, did I really say that?  am I hijacked by corporate-speak now?  Kill me now) is that I took the taper thing a bit too seriously!

And now, I find myself 10 days out from marathon #1 of the year.  Am I ready? I think so.  I meant to order new shoes in the early part of last week so that I could break them in on my 14-miler, but considering I didn't do the 14-miler anyway... yeah.  I still need to get the shoes, though.  I will definitely crash and burn if I try to do another 26 on these.

So that's what's what.  For now, I'll leave you with this amazing photo of me and my shadow from my Saturday run in Colorado!

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