Monday, April 06, 2009


le sigh. Seem to have lost motivation to run anything longer than 5-6 miles now that I've taken OKC off the table. Spending a lot of time with my pal Grace Lazenby and all the iTrain workouts I've downloaded. So far I've liked all of them that I've tried, some more than others. So I've been focusing on hills on the TM along with some speed intervals. And still trying to do the ab work and pushups as often as I remember and force myself to do them. Still need to repeat the pushups week 1, though (again). Baby t-rex arms still have a long way to go. Making some progress with the situps, though, so that definitely feels good, esp. when I see a difference in how my clothes fit.

not much else going on. still traveling, still trying to keep things going on the homefront. not much different on the horizon for now. like I said, le sigh.

things should perk up around here soon enough. I hope so. It's kind of depressing right now. ugh.

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