Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Still here, still running

not much, but still hitting it every other day or so. Hard to muster up motivation when the end goal is no longer in sight, because it's not there any more. I'm hoping that I might be able to make a pretty big 10K at the end of May, but the logistics of it are still up in the air. If I can nail that down sometime soon, it might help with the get-up-and-go.

Still trying to do abs & pushups every day, but it's not always easy to remember, and when I do remember, it's not always easy to make it happen. But that's what I've got to do. I've got to make it happen. Even when I don't feel like it, or when I'm tired. That's when it counts the most.

I'm working on eating a little bit differently; that is to say, without a lot of processed stuff and without a lot of added sugars. It's tough, especially when you have to choose from what you find at the Corner Bakery or Starbucks for breakfast (but not the one downstairs from the hotel -- they're on my sh!tlist for bad customer service), and an almost as limited selection for lunch. Dinner is easier, since I can usually get a teriyaki bowl with brown rice and veggies or salmon with veggies. But the hardest part for me is staying away from the sugar. But I'm not making big swooping changes, just focusing on little decisions at every meal that add up in the end.

So, that's it from here. Still here, still running, still trying to make it happen. Some days it goes well, like today, when I banged out intervals on the treadmill, hitting 7.0 mph for 90+ seconds at a time. Some days, not so much. But the key is to keep on keeping on, right? That is all.

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