Tuesday, September 18, 2007

running around Central Park

literally, I ran around the park today. Literally. I started out at 66th, went south on West End to the 60th street, across to Columbus Circle and down the south end of the park. Let's just say the, um, fragrance, of the horses around all the carriages idling there was less than pleasant. Then, I clipped up along the Museum Mile to 110th street, cut west to the western edge of the park, and headed back south again. The cobblestone-ey walks on the outside walks of the park were starting to give my ankles issues, since there were lots of bumps and uneven spots (especially once you passed the upper 90s on the East Side... hmm, trying not to draw conclusions about the upkeep and the demographic change you get up on that side...). So when I hit 97th st, I cut further west to Broadway and then turned back south again. I had to do a lot of zigging and zagging to avoid running headfirst into all the pedestrians and to try to time the lights, but my ankles were thankful for the stable footing.

all told, I ran exactly 7 miles in 1:11. I did manage to stop the watch when I had to stop for too long at the lights, so the time is actually fairly accurate. The weather was glorious, and I'm glad I put off the run this morning by screwing around online until it was too late to go out. I wouldnt' have made myself go for 7 if I'd done even 3 or 4 this morning.

Tomorrow is another weights day, plus a short 4-miler. I'll probably do weights in the morning then run up the Hudson parkway tomorrow night. That will leave a 5-miler Thursday morning before work. Not a bad week if I can pull it all together.

Gotta run -- the battery is about to go dead on this laptop, plus my internal battery is fading fast too! Ciao!!

PS -- the 24 Tease class was too hilarious -- plus the instructor picked out all the new people and gave us props like feather boas and silk ties. Ahem. It was fun if only because it was so preposterous. The most wacky thing about it was the names of the moves. Those are deserving of a whole other post! And, yes, it was a ridiculous workout -- I don't know if the lunges and squats were to blame for all my soreness or if it was the moves in this class!!

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Diane Kucera said...

LOL - My friend Jeanna teaches 24 Tease so I know EXACTLY what you are referring to!!!!!

You mentioned the Hudsom Parkway - Bicycling on the Hudson River Parkway brings back so many memories for me!