Wednesday, September 19, 2007

4 miles

north on Hudson River parkway to 96th, down Central Park West back to 68th, back to Riverside. Nice cool evening again. The doorman at my building laughs at me because I'm convinced this gorgeous weather has to last through February. It will, right? Cool and fallish until at least Valentine's Day, right? The way he laughs at me makes me think I will be very glad to get home to Texas three days a week come late November and December.

I get to go home tomorrow. Yippee. Me loves get-away days. And I'll be Platinum with the airline by the end of September. That means special-guy privileges, and possible upgrades to 1st class. No more steerage for me. Cannot wait. For now, it's beddie-bye time, especially if I'm going to get a 4-5 miler in before work tomorrow. Peace out!

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