Friday, September 21, 2007


hey, idiot! Apparently the fact that you got into MIT isn't a really good indicator of your actual IQ. Do you not realize that two of the highjacked planes from 9-11 took off from Logan? Or are you so clever that you think it was a cute prank? Maybe you're just jacked in the head and have some serious issues and getting arrested means you'll get some much-needed psychological help.

I fly on a major airline twice a week. I count on the airlines and the TSA and all the pain in the ass regulations and rules to keep me safe when I'm 10,000 feet in the air. I put up with the cluelessness of the casual pleasure travelers in front of me in the security line. I tolerate the 3-1-1 rule and have learned to get along with the minimum of toiletries when I'm on site. I take my shoes off and willingly subject myself to the Puffer and other scans and searches. I do it because I want to land safely each time and come home to my family.

Don't make these people's jobs harder than it already is. And you best be glad you weren't shot down where you stood with your play-doh bomb around you, because even six years later, there are still some things that you just don't joke about. I don't care that it wasn't a real bomb, or that you didn't actually go into the airport.

Sorry. We now return to regularly scheduled programming.


From Here to There said...

Good God. I didn't hear about this. Sick.

Vickie said...

Yes, it amazes me at the stupidity of people and their cluelessness as to what is fun, art, or whatever else they want to call what it is they do. I'm with you. Oh, and PS: I will be in the Big Apple on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday if you're around at all. Let me know and maybe we can meet up, if only briefly. Maybe a photo op?

Jane said...

Kids are dumb.