Monday, March 03, 2014

Week Nine: Not Made of Sugar

So I'm in no danger of melting in the rain. Even if that rain is actually sleet. And snow. On Texas Independence Day. The day after it hits 82. Because Texas, y'all.

The Savant & I put off our run on Saturday until after 10, due to some crazy schedule mixup with Scouts. By the end of four tortuous (yet somehow fun) miles, we were both drenched & overheated. We ended up doing run-walk intervals & fun things like high knees & butt kicks to break up the slog. It just had gotten too hot too quickly. It was even too hot for the sunroof. Crazy. 

Then today, we woke up to 33 degrees and quickly getting older. I layered up and hit the streets. By the time I hauled myself out of the house it was 28 and slightly misty, with the wind picking up. I'd wanted to do two long out-n-backs but that idea was squashed when I discovered the park fountains were turned off. Never mind that they were working yesterday; the threat of below-freezing temps meant Parks Dept workers had gone around & shut them all off. That led to me having to circle back to the house after 6 for water. 

Right after I rehydrated and took time to slather lotion on my face to prevent windburn, the slight drizzle turned to sleet. We didn't get the thundersleet my neighbors to the north got, but it it was enough to make noise as it hit the ground & foliage. What to do? Take a break and wait for it to pass? Or "manlady" up & git er dun? 

I'll end the suspense. 


Week 9: 32 total miles, including 15 mile long-run in mid-twenty degree temps, sleet and tiny little flurries of snow, 4 miles of intervals, an 8-mile weeknight run through the hood, and a day off to give blood. 

Confidence is building, even if speed is not. 

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