Sunday, February 09, 2014

Week 12 DONE: Will Run for Chocolate

This week's training featured cold and wind, an equipment brain blip & a great 15k, wrapped up with a foggy hike & failed picnic. 

Tuesday night I had plans to conquer the hill near campus, despite chilly temps that lingered all day. By the time 5:00 pm rolled around, the sun had peeked out & although it was still cold, it was nearly perfect running weather. I changed clothes and reached into my bag for my shoes, only to realize I'd left them by the front door. Oh snap! I was frustrated at myself since I was missing out on the perfect weather. But I salvaged the day with a solid run once I got home. 

Wednesday was colder & windier, and only got worse as the day progressed. My buddy and I both had outdoor evening runs on our schedules and we spent the afternoon trading text messages commiserating about our fate. But when push came to shove, it ended up being a great run, and I was glad to have braved the elements. 

Thursday was even colder still (WHAT UP, TEXAS WEATHER!!) with snow flurries in the morning on my drive in. By the time I reached the office, the sidewalks were blanketed with beautiful puffy snow. SNOW! How exciting! Unless you had to drive in it... WHAT UP, TEXAS DRIVERS?!? But I made it to my volunteering gig in Dallas just fine, and picked up our packets for what's billed as "America's Sweetest Race," the Hot Chocolate 15k. 

This is the 3rd year I've done this race, and it's become a tradition for me and my Sister I Choose, Marci. She ended up missing the race due to unforeseen circumstances, but I had company anyway, courtesy of my Okie friend Jedi Jen and my Sweet Baboo! 

It was cold again, plus misty and just generally miserable if you were standing around pre-race. 

(Hey, Texas Weather: Go Home, you're drunk!!) 

Jen found us pre-race and stuck with me for the whole 15k, putting up with my interval schedules, lending me her earbuds when mine suddenly died (at mile 2 no less!). Even when I made possibly the worst call ever in a race and took a shot of whiskey at mile 6, causing so much distress that I had to walk for the better part of 2 miles, she stayed at my side. I'm so grateful because having great company really makes the miles fly by. I would've been on my own without my partner in crime. Plus, we had some great conversation and I feel like I really got to know her better. Such fun!! 

And of course, post-race we noshed on chocolate fondue and I was lucky enough to see both Elaine & DK, plus DK's daughter who had just run her longest race ever! I LOVE seeing friends at races! Makes a fun day even better. 

Did I mention the chocolate??? Mmmm. 

Sunday ended the week with a trail day, even though it wasn't as successful as our previous outings. The trail we chose was boring, with no view because of the fog. We tried another trail but it suddenly got really cold while we were having our picnic. It just wasn't as fun when we couldn't feel our fingers!! We got a few miles in though, so it wasn't a total bust. Plus we always have fun and laugh at wildly inappropriate things so it wasn't a bad day by any stretch. We ended up back at our friend's house with hot chocolate and the Olympics, too. Ended up being a nice little Sunday! 

Week 12: 24.5 miles, including 7 midweek freezy miles, 15k race and chilly foggy trails! 

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Michelle K said...

You are the CUTEST!!!!

And Mr D is cracking me up with that forced smile.

Good for you for getting it done when the weather has...pardon the pun....blown!