Monday, October 17, 2011

I crack myself up sometimes...

So I get here, mostly prepared to do another verbal vomit post about what I thought was a spectacular flop at Palo Duro 50K tihs weekend (get yer bucket ready, watch yer shoes!), and the first thing I see in my last post?  This:
Life is too short to overthink it, to analyze, to miss out on the fun because we might not do well, or because we might not meet the expectations that we set for ourselves. Sometimes, it's better to choose to shoot high and fail miserably (in our own eyes, not in anyone else's) than to sit by and not even try. That's why I'm still doing PDC & Rocky. That's why I'm still doing Wild Hare. I am going to channel my inner Cub Scout and "Do My Best." and if it's not enough? Then I get up, dust off and try again. 

HA! I'm smarter than I think I am. Why don't I remember this stuff from day to day?  Wow. There will be much more to come soon enough about all this, but for now, you can put the bucket away, because you know what? I shot high, I failed, but only in my own eyes, and only momentarily. I made the right decision to drop after 18 miles, and I get to get up, dust off that red dirt from my shoes, and try again. I had an amazing time on the trip from beginning to end, experiencing new things like camping for the first time. I got to spend time in the car getting to know two awesome inspiring women in Drum & Erin. I got to see my dear friend Julie & meet Vickie for the first time, and I had a blast hanging out in the shade with Cherry, Psycho, PeePaw & a bunch of other crazy runner folks. How is that not fun? 

Guess what, y'all? The sun rose again, even though I didn't finish the race. My frunners still love me. My kids weren't crushed that I didn't finish - they were just glad I came home safely (NOTE TO SELF: This trumps ALL). 

I need to remember not to take this shit too seriously. It's supposed to be fun. I won't forget it again. 

So glad I got to travel with these chicks!
THIS is what it's all about!

4 comments: said...

Yea!!! Just keep things in perspective! You are always a rockstar in my book! Had so much fun! Wish we lived closer!
And the girl that we ran into that knew you, I am not sure of her name. She saw you at the Duck Run and recognized your orange shirt and apparently said hi to the morning of PDR too. She had blonde hair, skinny, and super nice.

Beth said...

Fabulous post!! And it's so true! You got there and tried. You did a lot of miles regardless! I am proud of you!!

Beth said...

Ohh and I'm jealous of all of y'all hanging out! I want to meet all of you and hang out! =)

Dagmar Mueller said...

Glad you stopped beating up on yourself.....:-) There are days we try and fail, so what? Does not change who we are ..... You were crazy enough to even try for this!!!!!! That is awesome in my book! :-)