Monday, October 31, 2011

Hi there...

Hi blog. I miss you. I am woefully behind. Life has exploded around me, in good ways. I owe you a couple of race reports, a rant on "running" as an Athena or Clydesdale, probably pictures, even though I stepped on my camera at PDC (oh, NOES!!). But, like I said, life is a little crazy. I've gotten older, had Dreadpirate DinoBoy (aka Thing 2) get a year older on me, too (funny how that happens on my birthday every year!). The hockey player nearly scrambled his head again, so we had an enforced break from practice & playing although we still went to cheer on & support the team.  Mom is here for a while, which is good news as well. Because she can help with the kitchen remodeling I decided to undertake in lieu of going to a World Series game.  Oh, and, yeah, three races in the next 4 weeks. Really looking forward to those, I am. Lots to be excited about for all of them.

So, there. Too much about what is going on, but not enough info about any of it, really!! Sigh. One day, I will be all caught up, here and in life... Today is not the day... Maybe tomorrow? ;)

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