Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Many thanks to my girl Mel for reminding me about Thursday Thirteen. Here goes!

  1. 10 days. 
  2. I have some amazing friends. I don't think I knew the depths of their friendship until very recently. I guessed, but damn. I am a lucky, lucky, lucky woman. 
  3. I hate tapering. I feel fat and slow. I am hungry but cannot eat as much as I'm used to, lest I gain the four pounds I lost working with the nutritionist and need my own damn ferry to get to Staten Island on race day. 
  4. I found a perfect long-sleeved yellow shirt for the race. I think it will be fine even into the 60s, so I'm excited that my wardrobe choice is finalized. 
  5. My Texas skirt had to go back and get exchanged for a different size. I don't want to talk about it, mostly because I had to get a larger size than originally ordered (I blame the Spandex in it) and because my awesome, cool Texas skirt came from OKLAHOMA!! WTF?!
  6. Said skirt better be back from OKLAHOMA before next Thursday. It arrived in two days after it was ordered, so it should be here well before then.
  7. My shoes look like crap, after only 150 miles or so. I need to wash them before next week or they won't be welcome on the plane, either. blick. 
  8. We've been finalizing plans for the weekend, including meetups with Twitter folks and dinner reservations. It's getting so close! 
  9. I get to run with an old high school friend on Sunday. He is recovering from knee surgery so he can only do about 13-minute miles - he's worried about slowing me down. I think that's perfect - I can talk easily at that pace!! 
  10. The Sunday run will be at a Halloween race. I will not be wearing a costume, but I will be bringing out the tutu!! That's about as "dressed up" as I'll get. 
  11. I have the day off tomorrow. Parent-teacher conferences are at 9:30 for Ben-jammin' & then we have the day free until his bowling party at 4:30. Should be a fun day for us. 
  12. I've stayed up way too late all week long. I'm not doing the "rest" part of the taper well. At all. 
  13. Did I mention there are 10 days?  EEEEP!

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Lesley @ said...

I'll be cheering for you in 10 days! Good luck.