Wednesday, October 17, 2007

still here

still churning away. missed the long run this weekend because my brother had a 5-hour layover Sunday morning, and in the greater scheme of things, that seemed more important. It was not a choice I regret. I did fit in a 5-miler, but the 15 didn't happen.

Still doing the NYC-Dallas thing, with a little Denver thrown into the mix this week. Looking forward to getting a couple of runs done in the thin air up there, although I'm quite sure I've lost my conditioning for the altitude that I built up earlier this spring.

Next weekend, the boys and Hub come up for the weekend. It's going to be epic. We have no plans except the Natural History Museum, the Empire State Building, Central Park and Yankee Stadium. Everything else we do above and beyond that will be cake. I'm sure there will be lots of photos. After that, i have marathon to look forward to and keep me going, then we'll have to come up with another milestone to keep me moving ahead.

I'm dreadfully behind on blog reading, but I promise to catch up and post comments as much as possible this weekend. Peace out!!


Vickie said...

You will be busy doing all that with the family, so it will be a fun time for all.

Denise said...

Hope you have a great time with the family in NYC!! Go ice skating at Rockefeller Center...