Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Long days

and very short nights. At least it seems that way, that morning comes way too soon, regardless of what time I turn in for the night. I'd have more to say but I'm wiped out completely.

I do have to give a huge shout-out to my little buddy, TDP DinoBoy, who successfully earned his first Tiger Cub badge last Saturday night. It was the best part of a pretty busy weekend, having him up there with his little pals, in his uniform and neckerchief. He was very excited and is looking forward to doing a lot of fun activities with his den and pack. I've got photos, but didn't have a chance to upload before I left.

ORN: ~4 miles right before House. Ran up the Hudson River parkway to 97th, across to the park, then down Central Park East to 72nd. Stopped by my favorite deli for a dinner-to-go of salmon, veggies and mashed potatoes. Yummy.

YORN: 5 miles yesterday -- ran a mile to Columbus Circle to meet up with a friend from work, then we went up to the East side, then around the south end of the reservoir and back. It was an absolutely gorgeous evening, with a light breeze and perfect temperatures. It was a great autumn evening.

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From Here to There said...

Hurray for TDP DinoBoy! And hurray for you and getting your runs in!

I feel your pain, the nights are too short, at least to sleep. But man alive does it ever get dark early!