Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Yep, that's me with my running shoes! HA!! Poser! 

Runners on Wheels (ROW), that's what we are. We are not elite cyclists. We have reflectors on our wheels, and I ride in cages and running shoes. Remember the townies in "Breaking Away"? Yeah, that's me. Clueless about the gear, the techniques, just out there having fun. With about 14,000 of my closest friends.

I rode the Hotter than Hell on Saturday. Fifty miles. My longest distance on a bicycle ever. We actually lucked out some and got cooler temps than usual. That said, it was still crazy hot out there, but it wasn't terrible, and it sure was easier to ride in that heat than to run in it. The plan was to hang out and ride easy and have fun with Marci, Jason and Julie. And that's exactly what we did. We would take turns going up front a little ahead and opening it up when we could, but for the most part, we stuck together, and if we did get separated, we would always regroup at the aid stations. It was much more fun that way.

There were so many people in this ride. I knew it was large, but I had NO idea! Blocks and blocks and blocks of riders.  All kinds of bicycles, too! And really, even though we joke about being ROW, I could tell that these were not just elites out there. There were average-looking folks left and right, and some of them were struggling and some were smoking me! It was great to see the wide variety of folks on the roads, all enjoying the day and cursing the wind. It really reinforced to me how much fun this active lifestyle I have fallen into is.

My phone died shortly after we finished, so I didn't get to take as many post-race pix as I would have liked, but a few highlights below.

with Fred, Marci, Sweet Julie and the giant YELLOW WASP! WTH?!
 A new jersey has been ordered, because, yeah, WOW!
OSP at aid station.  Rally Aid Stations rival, perchance surpass, trail AS. I kid you not. 
JUANITA! We found Joaquin the Powah Monkey's girlfrann!! 
C is for COOKIE!!  Lots of cookies. THIS is a great reason to ride! 
As is this. Riding through the AFB and seeing cute pilot boys was bonus! 
DONE!! This was Marci's first rally and she did GREAT! So much fun! 

Got to see Fawn & her crew on her birthday, and see TPG, Trece and the Leubs, too!
I will be back for more, for sure!! I had such a fun time, start to finish, even though the winds in the last 13 or so miles were wicked crazy. I felt more confidence and connection to my bicycle than ever before, and except for a little twinge in The Knee at about mile 37, I felt great during and afterward (and for the record, The Knee didn't hurt while riding, only when I got off at the Greatest Aid Station With The Tables of Cookies Sent From Heaven). I've got some big-girl pedals and cleats in my shopping cart and when those come in, I will have Reveille professionally fitted to me so I know I am getting the most out of my legs. It'll only get better from here, I know it!!

Shout-outs to the following: 
Fred -  for hauling us out to BFE West Texas in his truck, all loaded up and looking like we knew what we were doing!! Thanks for having the patience to deal with us on the ride, too! 
Ned -  for hauling major bootay and riding 100 miles in about an hour longer than it took us to ride 50. Bad-ass Asian. Damn. 
Drum and Debby - sads we didn't see you guys, but I hear you rocked the hell outta it, as expected. Boom, baby! 
Fawn - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! What a great treat to see the family, and give you a birthday hug! You constantly astound and inspire me!! 
Heidi and Brian - congrats on the 100-miler!! You guys are always so fun!! 
Trece - Dang, dude.  Just dang. I'm in awe of your prowess on the wheels and your plans for the 8-hour ride. Quite an inspiration, you are. Plus, always fun to hang with you, even if you spill my sno-cone!!! 
TPG - Fierce and adorbs, all in one tiny little package. Love it! Loved seeing your big smile when you came into the chute. Thank you for being alongside me for my first and for being in my head encouraging me during this one. When I grow up, I wanna be like you, hobo hair and all! 
Julie - My partner in crime! Loved catching up with you and riding with you and laughing with you. Always fun when you're around!

And, because Julie made us laugh while we were chanting "Row, Row, Row," here is a little video for you!!


Robert Tracy said...

Congrats on riding your first fiddy! Stoked for you! And I totally owe you a sno-cone! Per usual, I had an absolute blast chillin' with ya and the rest of the ROW group during a not-nearly hotter 'n hell afternoon.

That Pink Girl said...

Mama, I'm so stinkin proud of my favorite Lil yellow wasp!! I love and admire your enthusiasm - it is contagious! And that ginormous smile in all yo pikshures...so cute! You exude happiness!

Congratulations on a new distance PR!

Now, about those reflectors...