Thursday, January 05, 2012

Thursday 13: Things My Frunners Have Taught Me

I know, 2011 goal scorecard & 2012 goals still need to be done. I'm still percolating on 2012 so give me a minute, will ya?  For today, I wanted to jot down the Important Things My Frunners Have Taught Me. Take a listen, you might learn ya a thing or two too!!

  1. Doesn't matter how fast you go, you just have to get there. Timmy the Turtle
  2. Yes it does matter! It's a RACE!! GO, RUN!!!  Drum
  3. Just keep moving. Tenacity pays off. - Fawn
  4. Yes, you CAN do it. Stop doubting yourself. - Jeremy
  5. You look faster in matching kit - Ninja
  6. There is magic power in lemon water & watermelon. - Derek
  7. Shoes are optional - Sarah
  8. Push beyond your comfort zone. You never know what you'll find there. MK
  9. There is always time for pancakes. Kris
  10. Don't let me lead unless you want to get lost sidetracked take the long way. Everyone
  11. Snacks. Snacks are necessary and required. Cherry AND Shannon
  12. Trail runs are like the Marines, you never leave fallen comrade - Mr K
  13. The devil is in the details - Libby 
And, because I like y'all, I want to give you two more lessons. These are probably the most important of all. And if you remember nothing else from this post, and learn nothing else from me for the whole rest of your life, keep these last two lessons in mind, forever and ever, AMEN: 
  • We may have met because we are runners, but it's not why we're friends. 


Marci said...

I love it Mama!!!!

UltraNinjaRunnr said...

Look fast=feel fast=be fast. -ninja wisdom

Michelle said...

I love my frunners!!!!
Also, my advice rules. :)

Michelle K said...

This is great advice. You have some wise frunners. And I LIVED AND DIED by that poncho advice at White Rock.....I have pics to prove it!

LifeisaRun said...

Fabulous post! We have fully learned from you NEVER TAKE OFF THE PONCHO! Thank you for that otherwise White Rock probably would have been MUCH worse for us! Thanks to you too, Marci =)

Anonymous said...

Love it! And, noted...never take off the poncho...I took mine off at the beginning of the marathon.

Libby Jones said...

I hear someone urgently needs comments on their blog so I dropped my surgical recovery to come visit you here. :-) Great quotes from all. Seems like you surround yourself with a pretty epic group of runners... or that's the Vicodin pain pill talking. Love you, man! said...

Woo Hoo! Love it! Those are all great lessons! I'm taking notes!

Lesley @ said...

Absolutely love this post!!! Frunners rock.