Monday, December 05, 2011

Top 10 Moments: Operation Sunshine

I went out to cheer for the bajillion Frunners & Twitter/Daily Mile friends at the Dallas White Rock Marathon yesterday. It was brutally rainy, cold and miserable all morning, and we declared our little cheer group of three to be Operation Sunshine. Here are my Top Ten moments from the day:

I look like a Marshmallow Peep....
  1. Losing the car in the parking lot as we left Fair Park, BEFORE the race... 
  2. Hijacking the empty stage for our tambourine band 
  3. Seeing the elites zoom by us at Mile 7
  4. Yelling "Shirtless Runner" at the brave souls who went shirtless
  5. Hearing that Drum kidnapped a Kenyan at the RAW water station
  6. Getting laughed at by Dallas Morning News report for hugging a runner I didn't know. 
  7. "You gotta be smarter than the poncho" 
  8. Watching random wet and cold runners smile as they passed us
  9. Being a part of a crazy, epic running day with so many friends
  10. Seeing all our FRUNNERS!! on the course!
Pre-race in dry warm Coliseum

G before his PR with Marci

Elite runners at Mile 7

Mark L looking wet but happy!

MK rocking her first marathon

D headed out on the lake  

Cheer squad & water stop workers

Lots and LOTS of runners!!

Would YOU take water from this person?? 

Still smiling after 21 miles!! 


Milano Running Mom said...

Awesome blog post by an ultra awesome cheer leader. Love the pictures!

Tara said...

Thanks for coming out to support us! It was definitely brutal out there... but after being hailed on during the OKC marathon this was a piece of cake! :)Actually, I never want to run in the rain again!!!

LifeisaRun said...

It was awesome seeing you out there!! Y'all are rockstars for standing in the cold & rain for that long!

ERIN C. said...


Lesley @ said...

Operation Sunshine was a success and I love you for it!!!!!

Michelle K said...

I'm not sure how I would have made it without Operation Sunshine! Can you come to ALL my marathons? A thousand thanks to you and Marci, I can't thank you enough.

That Pink Girl said...

Operation Sunshine is the BEST cheer squad EVER! Y'all ROCK! I just kept telling myself, 11.5, you'll see them at 11.5! And then when I saw Marci at the Dollies, and she started hollering...smiles! Y'all made smiles!
Thank you SO much for braving the elements to encourage so many runners, including this Pink Girl!