Thursday, July 14, 2011

Three Things Thursday: The Cheering at Midnight Edition

Last year at this time, I ran this little race in Fort Worth called El Scorcho Quatro. Technically I guess I ran La Scorchita, since I only did 25k, instead of 50k. It was a big party in the park along the river, and it starts at midnight and runs until 6:30 or 7 AM, whenever the organizers get tired and decide to go home. I got into the groove of it by sporting a tutu for the first time and basically hanging out all night with a bunch of cool folks. it's a 3.1 mile lap so you see people all night long and folks set up tents and stuff all along the start/finish line areas. Remember these pics?  Yeah, good times.

Tutu crew! First time to run with Libby, Mel, Greg & Dat. Not the last time!

The tutus in action! 
So there will be no running for me at this race this year, since I knew that I would be having the surgery and wouldn't be recovered enough yet. Or rather that it would be cutting it close to my recovery time and that I probably had no reason to try to run 15 miles within a month of a major operation. So I didn't sign up, and let the limited entry race close so that there was no choice - I wasn't going to run. But that doesn't mean I don't get to party with all the crazies who ARE running it! So, without further delay, the Top Three Things I am looking forward to at El Scorcho Cinco!

  1. FRIENDS! There are at least four other frunners* who for one reason or another (didn't register in time, injury, common sense) aren't running, so we have banded together to set up the most awesome of cheer stations.  We will have food, cold drinks, yoga mats and blankets for the ground, and GLITTER SIGNS! WOOT! So for all the other friends who are tackling either the 25k or the 50k - way too many to list - we will be yelling, clapping, harassing and otherwise hazing them all night long. Until they get done and come hang out with us. Tutus are optional but highly, highly encouraged!!
  2. The Official Un-official Soaker Station. Last year was hot. No doubt about it. Even with the sun not blasting down on us, there is no way that summer in Texas in July is going to be cool. One of the best things about the race was the aid station halfway through the loop that was giving out cold wet paper towels. Those things were greatness. So we have decided to take it up a notch and cheer armed with SuperSoakers, to douse those runners who request it with a blast of cold water. Refreshing, yes. Stupid fun? Absolutely!

  3. The Drum-Ninja showdown. For a while, Greg and Michelle have been in a friendly competition with all the races they have entered and run together, including Cowtown Half, Grasslands, and the Chattanooga Stage Race. So for El Scorcho, we're raising the stakes. There's been trash talk. There's been secret training runs. There's going to be a showdown!! WOOT!
So, yeah, if you're running, come on out and make sure you introduce yourself to us. We'll reward you with a blast from the super soaker (or a gentle mist from the sprayer if that's more your speed) and probably give you a cookie (as if I would set up a cheer station without cookies!!).  When you're done, bring your camp chair and towel and hang out with us.  We plan to be there for the duration. And if you aren't running, find a cowbell or clapper or vuvuzuela or something and come out to cheer with us. I guarantee it'll be the best time you ever had at a race you're not running. 

Oh, and, in case, you're wondering, YES, there WILL be pictures!

*frunner –noun 
Someone who I met through running but through time and shared experiences has become more than just a runner I know. More than just a friend. As my friend Marci says, running brought us together, but it's not why we're friends.

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