Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 1 - NYCM Training

Week One is in the books as 100% hit mileage-wise.  Sunday's long run was a little less than ideal, as I had some heat stress symptoms about 9 miles into my 12-miler.  I had to slow down and walk some, so my splits were atrocious for the last half. I also went out too fast, which has been an issue for me for a while, so I know I need to focus on that for future long runs. But, I did complete all my runs, and I didn't have to do any juggling of the schedule, so I consider Week One a success.

I continue to drop a few ounces here and there, and a couple of friends commented the other day that I look like I've lost weight, so I'll take that. From here on out, I have no fewer than 30 miles each week, and by mid-August, I'll be hitting 40+ mileage weeks until October. I need to continue to be thoughtful and conscientious about what I put in my mouth and I think I'll be OK nutrition-wise.   

The heat is also a huge factor, and I have to be very, very disciplined about getting out in the mornings for these runs, because even then it's a steambath, but it is more tolerable early in the mornings. There are just no excuses. None. for the next 17 weeks, I have to find a way to Make It Happen. Just like I did this week. Overall, I hit my runs, and I hit them on the correct day. That was pretty remarkable considering we had the holiday in there, along with some family issues that resulted in an unplanned two-day road trip and a total of 16 hours driving across Texas at the end of the week. Through a tropical depression.  But I made sure to get my runs in, and did my damnedest to make sure I hit them at the right intensity & pace. So, I just need to rinse & repeat, 17 times.

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