Tuesday, January 12, 2010


so I said earlier that my goals for this year included working in sprints and hills, in addition to the regular long runs and general "getting the miles in" running that I usually do.  Today was to be the first of the sprint workouts, so I parked the car at gymnastics, walked TDP DinoBoy in for the start of his class, queued up my iTrain sprint workout, and then headed out the door.

The workout called for six sprints of between 2 minutes and four and a half minutes.  I was rocking them, even though I didn't have my Garmin, I did cover a lot of ground during each of the intervals. Until the last one, which was on the sidewalk along a major street by my house.  I was just getting into it when, bam, out of nowhere, I went down.  Hard.  I kind of bounced back on my hands, and took this cobra-like pose while I tried to recover, of course, looking around to be sure that nobody actually saw me go down.  'cause if nobody saw it, you didn't fall, right?

So I dusted myself off, and continued running.  The sprints were over by then, so I had a little bit of a cooldown and then resumed a normal-paced jog back to the gym.  Only when I stopped did I realize that my knee had a good silver-dollar sized scrape on it, and it was oozing quite nicely.  And burning by then, too.  Ouch.  Once I got home, I cleaned and bandaged it, and it doesn't seem to be hurting so much any more, so it could have been worse.

Ah, well, I was overdue for a fall.  I usually have at least one good fall a year, and I don't think I had one in 2009, so I was kind of glad to get it over with.  And now I can go on with the rest of the year and not wonder when it's going to happen.

ORN:  4 miles, 39:38

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