Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hey there!

Been offline for a while (OK, total lie, I've been on FB and working, and keeping up with everyone else's blogs on Google Reader) but haven't had much to say around here. I've been busy getting this one a year older, although I have a hard time believing it:

He was thrilled with his hockey-centric birthday gifts (new stick, Sid the Kid jersey from the Winter Classic, new skates -- still too big but ready for him when he needs them, and enough moolah to procure a new helmet) and unlike the birthday when he turned five and dismissed everyone after cake and presents, he seemed genuinely engaged in hanging out with his family at the gathering. At 14, he is definitely attitudinal, sassy and too smart for his own good. But with the flip of a switch, he is also still very sweet and affectionate and good-natured and most amazingly is still willing to sit with me on the couch and watch cooking shows. He alternately fills me with wonder and kills me with his 14-ness.

NOTE: I drafted this the weekend of his party, before his actual birthday, but Blogger wouldn't let me upload the photo and I hadn't had a chance to re-try until today.

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xt4 said...

Hey old friend! Saw you're chasing me at twitter - would enjoy doing the same if you allow me? Or not if you prefer, whichever. In any case, nice to connect again. Email me if you like at chrisbintliff at mac dot com.